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Mykonos: Gem of the Aegean Sea & Party City


Welcome to Mykonos, the exquisite jewel of the Aegean Sea! Known for its sparkling waters and whitewashed buildings that glitter under Mediterranean sun rays, Mykonos attracts wanderers from across the world with its bohemian vibe and alluring bohemianism lifestyle. Imagine feeling your senses awaken as the salt-kissed sea breeze whispers of ancient gods while charming cobblestone alleys reveal ancient civilizations’ histories. On this island, every sunset creates its own masterpiece across the sky while nightly revelries fill every square inch. Engage our guide, and allow us to show you the magic of Mykonos, where every traveler’s dreams become vivid reality. Join us on this virtual journey that culminates in the quintessential Greek island experience.

Top 5 Places to Stay in Mykonos: Discovering Your Dreamy Greek Island Home

Begin your journey to Mykonos by choosing an unforgettable accommodation option – and we have just the places for you! Mykonos’ Aegean Sea gem provides various accommodations to meet various tastes and budgets; here we highlight five top options that promise an experience unique to Mykonos itself.

Mykonos Blu Grecotel Exclusive Resort at Psarou Beach

Why Stay Here: Luxury Meets Tradition
Boasting whitewashed bungalows that harken back to traditional Cycladic architecture, Mykonos Blu provides a peaceful haven with breathtaking views of Psarou Beach. Boasting private infinity pools and gourmet dining options as well as its Elixir Spa for added relaxation, Mykonos Blu is an oasis of opulence and relaxation in one place.

Review: Grecotel Mykonos Blu (Mykonos, Greece)

Semeli Hotel, Mykonos Town
Why Stay Here: Vibrant Nightlife and Cultural Heart Semeli Hotel puts you right at the center of Mykonos Town’s lively nightlife, featuring iconic landmarks such as Windmills and Little Venice nearby as well as comfortable, chic rooms that make this an excellent choice for culture enthusiasts and partygoers.

Mykonos Theoxenia, Mykonos Town
Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel Icons of 60s Glam and Design Situated close to Mykonos’ iconic windmills, Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel captures the iconic 1960s glam and design. Boasting retro-chic aesthetic combined with modern amenities and boasting breathtaking sea views makes Mykonos Theoxenia an excellent option for design enthusiasts.

Panormos Village, Panormos Bay
Why Stay Here: For travelers in search of a peaceful beachside retreat, Panormos Village’s self-catering apartments and suites provide the ideal hideaway. Boasting stunning natural surroundings as a bonus feature, visitors will love staying in Panormos Village’s self-catering apartments or suites as their home-away-from-home experience is unmatched here.

Paradise Beach Camping, Paradise Beach
Why Stay Here: Adventurous and Budget-Friendly For adventurous spirits traveling on a budget, Paradise Beach Camping provides an unforgettable experience. Offering basic beach huts, tents and an exciting beach bar scene – Paradise Beach Camping delivers a real, authentic, social and cost-effective Greek island escape.

Your perfect Mykonos stay awaits – be it in luxurious tranquility of a private beach resort, the vibrant energy of town nightlife, the charming boutique hotel experience, a homey village retreat or beachside camping! Select your ideal setting and discover Mykonos’ incredible beauty and unforgettable character.

What to Do:

Explore Mykonos Town (Chora): Stroll through Mykonos Town’s narrow marble streets filled with whitewashed homes, flower-laden balconies and blue shuttered windows to explore this charming waterfront neighborhood known as Little Venice; don’t miss its iconic old houses perched precariously close to the shore.

Reasons to Visit Mykonos, Greece

Visit the Windmills (Kato Myli): These iconic windmills dating back to 16th-century Europe provide an ideal spot to watch the sun setting over Aegean Sea.

Discover Delos Island: Just a short boat ride away from Mykonos lies Delos, a UNESCO World Heritage site and mythological birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. Among its ancient ruins lie temples, markets, and an amphitheater for exploration.

Mykonos is famed for its beautiful golden-sand beaches and turquoise waters, making for the ideal setting to soak up some sun. If you prefer family-oriented atmosphere, visit Platys Gialos or Psarou. Paradise or Super Paradise are known for hosting lively nightlife scenes. For something quieter or more tranquil try Agios Sostis or Fokos instead.

Experience Greek Cuisine: Enjoy traditional Greek fare at local tavernas or fine restaurants, featuring fresh seafood dishes such as moussaka, tzatziki, souvlaki, and the local cheese Kopanisti. Finish it all off with some ouzo or local wine for the perfect meal.

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Experience Mykonos Nightlife: Mykonos offers some of the finest nightlife in Aegean. From lively bars in Mykonos Town to famous beach clubs on Paradise Beach, Mykonos offers something for everyone when it comes to nightlife. Dance the night away under top international DJs’ music or kick back and sip a cocktail in one of Mykonos’ many chilled bars – there is something here for all tastes.

Shop Local Boutiques: Mykonos boasts an abundance of shopping opportunities, from high-end designer boutiques to local artisan shops. Here, visitors can find unique jewelry, leather goods or the island’s renowned handwoven textiles.

Visit the Church of Paraportiani: Mykonos’ Church of Paraportiani is one of its most photographed spots, comprising five individual churches joined together as one structure. With its unusual form and whitewashed facade creating an eye-catching contrast against Mykonos’ blue waters and sky.

Watch the Sunset: To take in all its beauty, don’t miss a Mykonos sunset from any viewpoint – be it on a quiet beach, bustling waterfront cafe or iconic windmills.

Top Beach Clubs

Mykonos is known for its vibrant beach club scene, offering some of the world’s top day-to-night seaside venues. Here are a few must-see beach clubs on this stunning island:

Scorpios Mykonos: Situated at Paraga Beach, Scorpios offers an unforgettable blend of music, dining and entertainment. Boho-chic in design, Scorpios features daybeds for lounging around with plenty of seating available as well as Mediterranean food served at their restaurant and DJs spinning electronic music when the sun goes down below the horizon.

Nammos: Nammos Beach Club provides a luxurious beach club experience located on Psarou Beach. Offering dining, an upscale shopping village and lively beach parties with world-renowned DJs – not uncommonly with yachts anchored nearby for added glamor!

Nammos Mykonos | MLV - Mykonos Luxury Villas

Alemagou: Nestled away at Ftelia Beach, Alemagou offers a relaxed yet boho-chic atmosphere at their beach bar and restaurant. Their natural rustic setting and eclectic music selection makes Alemagou the ideal spot for those seeking a laidback beach club experience.

Kalua: Nestled along Paraga Beach, Kalua provides an exceptional day-to-night experience ranging from tranquil relaxation on its sun-kissed decks to lively party atmosphere. Boasting an eclectic food menu and inventive cocktails alongside DJ performances until late into the night.

Jackie O’ Beach Club at Super Paradise Beach offers an exciting combination of dining, beach clubbing and fashion boutique. Renowned for their unforgettable sunset parties and drag shows, Jackie O’ adds a lively, high-energy experience to the beach club scene.

Paradise Club at Paradise Beach is famous for hosting some of Mykonos’ biggest party events with international DJs performing. Boasting three stages, swimming pools and beachfront access, this venue creates the ultimate Mykonos party experience.

Principote Panormos: For an exclusive, sophisticated beach club experience, look no further than Principote Panormos. Offering plush sunbeds, gourmet dining options and exquisite cocktails; it provides the ideal place for you to lounge comfortably while taking advantage of panoramic sea views.

Principote Mykonos | MLV - Mykonos Luxury Villas

These beach clubs provide everything from relaxing seaside lounging to extravagant parties, depending on your mood and preference. With something for every mood and taste, each provides its own special way to soak in Mykonos’ sun-kissed atmosphere and vibrant spirit.

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