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9 Best Resorts In The Philippines


You know that feeling when you’re trapped in the daily grind, and all you can dream about is escaping to a tropical paradise? Well, my friends, let me tell you – the best resorts in the Philippines are where those dreams become reality. I’m talking about sprawling stretches of powder-soft sand, crystal-clear waters that seem to go on forever, and luxurious resorts that will make you never want to leave.

Trust me, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing some of the best beach resorts in the Philippines, and let me just say, they’ll blow your flip-flops off! From ultra-exclusive private islands to eco-friendly adventures and everything in between, these best destinations in Southeast Asia are the epitome of tropical indulgence. So grab a coconut (or a piña colada, I don’t judge), and let me take you on a journey through paradise.

Amanpulo: Best For Ultimate Luxury and Privacy

This ultra-luxe resort claims a private island all to itself in the Sulu Sea. Upon arriving via Amanpulo’s chartered flight (oooh la la!), I was treated like royalty from the moment I stepped onto that pristine sand.

The villas are sleek and modern with warm Filipino touches – think soaring ceilings, Cebu marble, coconut accents, and those all-important private plunge pools. But the absolute stunner here is that heavenly stretch of powdery white beach hugging the crystal-clear turquoise lagoon. I’m not exaggerating when I say I spent more hours than I can count lounging in a breezy beachfront cabana, sipping on coconut cocktails, and soaking up that glorious sunshine.

When I felt like being a little more active (or burning off those irresistible cocktails), Amanpulo had an endless array of activities on offer – from paddleboarding and snorkeling to private boat tours exploring secluded coves. Hands down, Amanpulo is one of the best resorts in the Philippines and an incredibly romantic and indulgent place I’ve ever been!

El Nido Resorts Apulit Island: Best For Eco-Adventure Enthusiasts

If getting up-close and personal with nature is more your vibe, then this eco-luxury resort tucked away on its own private island in Taytay Bay is calling your name. El Nido Resorts Apulit Island is all about immersing yourself in the great outdoors while still enjoying some seriously posh amenities. I’m talking overwater cottages with direct access to that sparkling turquoise sea!

My typical day here went a little something like this: Wake up to the soothing sounds of gently lapping waves, fling open those sliding glass doors and let the fresh ocean breeze flood in. After fueling up on an amazing breakfast spread (the homemade tropical jams were to die for), it was time to get my adrenaline pumping with a little cliff diving from the resort’s towering limestone cliffs. Talk about an insane rush!

For the slightly less daring, snorkeling and diving were also available to explore Apulit’s kaleidoscope of vibrant reefs and marine life. After a day of adventure, I’d recharge at the resort’s restaurant with mouthwatering dishes from the freshest catch of the day—sheer tropical perfection!

Cauayan Resort: Best For Marine Adventure Seekers

This one’s for all you adventure-seekers out there! Cauayan Resort is situated on its own private island escape, promising daily encounters with some pretty special marine life. I’m talking about swimming alongside gentle giant whale sharks in their natural habitat – an experience that quite literally took my breath away. 

The island resort itself channels total tropical fantasy vibes with its bamboo bungalows decked out in warm teak wood accents, plush king beds, and luxe rain showers. But as amazing as the villas were, I honestly didn’t spend too much time in them.

Each day, I was out exploring the aquatic playground of Bacuit Bay on Cauayan’s epic island-hopping tours. We’re talking hidden beaches, iconic lagoons, and coves only accessible by kayak. It was like having that dreamy deserted island all to myself! When I wasn’t paddling through turquoise waters, I’d laze on Cauayan’s powdery shores or sip cocktails at the beachfront bar, taking in one of those legendary Palawan sunsets. 

Nay Palad Hideaway: Best For Exclusive Island Living

Tucked away in a truly magical pocket of Siargao, Nay Palad Hideaway is a boutique paradise that instantly felt like home (if a home was a luxurious beachfront resort, that is!). From the moment I arrived, I could tell this wasn’t just any old beach getaway. We’re talking attention to detail in the design and amenities that completely blew me away – high-pressure rain showers, plush bathrobes, and even locally-made organic toiletries. The best part? Nearly every angle looked out over Nay Palad’s powder-soft sandy beach and glistening ocean.

When I wasn’t swaying in one of the resort’s hammocks with a fresh coconut in hand, I took full advantage of Nay Palad’s incredible activity offerings. One day was spent island-hopping around Siargao’s uninhabited coves and pristine shorelines. Another was about riding those world-famous Cloud 9 waves with some excellent surf lessons (though my skills were still fairly lacking!).

What really won me over, though, was the exceptional cuisine—Nay Palad’s beachfront restaurant whipped up some of the most delicious Filipino and international fare I’ve ever tasted, all using fresh local ingredients. Pair that with their killer cocktail menu, and you’ve got the ideal laid-back island vacation.

Amorita Resort: Best For Romantic Getaways

Romance and luxury take center stage at Amorita Resort, this incredible hilltop sanctuary perched over iconic Alona Beach in Panglao, Bohol. From the second I arrived, I was swept away by the dramatic vistas of sparkling turquoise waters set against lush forest-covered hills. Looks alone would have been enough, but Amorita Resort really goes above and beyond.

My personal villa was what beach house dreams are made of – breezy indoor-outdoor living with plenty of contemporary clean lines and natural textures, all surrounding a central private plunge pool. But as fabulous as the villa was, the real jaw-dropper was Amorita’s infinity pool. Picture this: you’re lounging poolside, cocktail in hand, with panoramic ocean views that seem to stretch on forever. Pure bliss!

When I felt like switching up the scenery, I’d lace up for a hike exploring Bohol’s lush inland trails, marveling at the lofty palms, and hiking up volcanic hills. Talk about working up an appetite for the local flavors at Amorita’s stellar eateries!

Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa: Best For Tranquil Spa Retreats

Tucked away on a secluded stretch of Panglao is Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa, a true oasis of laidback island luxury. From the moment I arrived, I could feel my stress melting away amidst the resort’s lush landscaped grounds, dramatic seaside cliffs, and swaths of uncrowded beach. This place is all about slowing down and savoring life’s simple pleasures.

Take the iconic infinity pool, for instance – I’m not kidding when I say it’s one of the most mesmerizing pools I’ve ever seen. Imagine this breathtaking vision of turquoise water seeming to blend seamlessly into the ocean itself, all set against a backdrop of towering cliffs and swaying palms. I probably spent more time than I care to admit lounging there with a good book and fruity cocktail in hand!

When I did pry myself away, it was for equally epic aquatic adventures like dolphin-watching tours, catching those majestic creatures frolicking alongside our boat, or island-hopping picnics on deserted sandy coves. Glorious! As if that wasn’t enough, Eskaya’s restaurants kept my taste buds doing a happy dance with dish after dish of fresh-caught seafood and mouthwatering Filipino flavors.

Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan: Best For Family Fun and Luxury Amenities

If world-class luxury amenities in a stunning beach setting are what you crave, look no further than Crimson Resort & Spa Mactan on Cebu’s pristine shores. This lavish resort has activities and amenities galore, but let’s start with the head-turners – like sipping artisan cocktails at the resort’s dramatic cliffside bar while watching the sunset paint the sky. Or savoring a lavish, global-inspired buffet at the award-winning Saffron Cafe.

But as delicious as the food and drinks were, the real treats were found away from the restaurants. Think blissful days spent lounging by Crimson’s stunning infinity pool, miles of sugary beach just steps away, and a world-class spa for ultimate pampering. I still dream about the heavenly traditional Filipino massage I treated myself to, followed by an afternoon in a plush poolside cabana sipping on coconuts.

And oh, the activities! There was no shortage of recreational fun, from snorkeling excursions to tennis tournaments. Top it all off with sleek, modern digs (hello, private villa life) and impeccable hospitality that made me never want to leave.

Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa: Best For World-Class Service and Amenities

If lavish amenities and warm Filipino hospitality in a tropical oasis sound like your personal paradise, then Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa has your name written all over it. I’m talking next-level pampering from the second you arrive at this palatial oceanfront estate.

Where do I even begin? How about the ridiculous number of dining options – 9 restaurants and lounges to be exact, ranging from breezy beachfront cafes to upscale global cuisine that blew my mind. And when you need a break from that culinary adventure, two sparkling pools, a world-class spa, and activities galore like golf, tennis, and even cultural shows await.

I split my days between catching rays in a poolside cabana, indulging in lush spa treatments (that Huge Floral Bathing Ritual is out of this world), and treating my inner kid to games at the rec center. And don’t even get me started on the accommodations—the luxe rooms and suites feature dreamy details like ensuite spa tubs and plush bedding. Heaven on earth!

Plantation Bay Resort & Spa: Best For Unique Waterway Experiences

Last but definitely not least is the striking Plantation Bay Resort & Spa in Mactan, which feels more like a lavish private community than a hotel. And what sets it apart from all the others? The amazing private waterways winding through the lush grounds! These canals, among the largest privately owned in the world, provide direct water access to tons of villas.

My days here were spent paddling from my villa through crystal-clear waters to the pool, restaurants, and beyond. It was like having my own personal aquatic playground! And that’s just scratching the surface of Plantation Bay’s extensive amenities – I also enjoyed rock climbing, archery, evening cultural shows, and more.

Not to mention the array of award-winning dining featuring flavors from all over the world. It’s absolute gourmand heaven! No matter how I spent my days, I always retired to my plush waterfront villa at night, listening to the fountains trickle just outside my door. It was sheer tropical serenity!

Best Resorts in the Philippines: Final Thoughts

I know that picking just one of these best resorts in the Philippines is going to be tough. Do you go for the private island escape where you’re treated like royalty? The eco-adventure mecca with cliff jumping and marine encounters? Or maybe those all-inclusive resorts in Asia with a family-friendly paradise with pools, waterslides, and non-stop entertainment?

Honestly, there’s no wrong answer. So start browsing, consult your trusty coconut for inspiration (a piña colada works, too), and get ready for the Filipino beach vacation of your dreams this 2024!

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