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Sacramento: The Heart of California


Welcome to Sacramento, the vibrant and historic capital city of California! Situated in the Central Valley at the confluence of the Sacramento and American rivers, Sacramento boasts an eclectic blend of old and new that makes for a delightful mix of rich history, cultural experiences, picturesque landscapes, and an energetic food scene.

Things to Do

Explore Old Sacramento Waterfront: Step back in time in this 28-acre National Historic Landmark District. With its wooden sidewalks, horse-drawn carriages, and old-fashioned candy shops, Old Sacramento offers a taste of the Gold Rush era. Don’t miss the California State Railroad Museum located here.

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Visit the California State Capitol: Enjoy a free tour of this beautiful neoclassical building, home to the state’s government since 1869. The Capitol also features a museum and a surrounding park filled with trees and plant species native to California.

Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park: Discover California’s early pioneer history at Sutter’s Fort, the oldest restored fort in the United States.

Cruise the American River: Enjoy the natural beauty of Sacramento by biking or walking the American River Parkway, or go for a river rafting adventure.

Art and Culture: Visit the Crocker Art Museum, the oldest public art museum in the West, and check out Wide Open Walls, an annual mural festival that has transformed buildings throughout the city into stunning works of art.

Savor Sacramento: America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital

Sacramento takes great pride in being “America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital,” and for good reason. Boasting fertile soils, Sacramento Valley serves as a veritable breadbasket, producing everything from almonds and tomatoes to rice and citrus – an abundance that contributes to one of the world’s largest agricultural producers – leading to fresh, locally produced foods making their way onto Sacramento restaurants’ menus.

Sacramento rebrands water tower with 'Farm to Fork' motto | abc10.com

No visit to Sacramento would be complete without experiencing their popular farm-to-fork fare, a culinary movement which emphasizes using seasonal, locally sourced, and sustainably farmed ingredients in meals served at restaurants across town. Many have formed relationships with farmers, ranchers, and vintners so as to use only freshest produce in their dishes.

Mulvaney’s B&L in Sacramento is at the forefront of Sacramento’s farm-to-fork movement. Their ever-evolving menu reflects what’s seasonal and available nearby; or for something a bit less formal try The Rind; their cheese-centric bar offers locally sourced cheese paired with local wines and beers – ideal for an unforgettable farm-to-fork dining experience!

Local Wines

Sacramento Valley and Sierra Foothills are home to over 200 wineries, each boasting unique varietals and breathtaking vineyard views. From bold red Zinfandels to crisp Chardonnays, their diverse soils and climates contribute to creating an array of tasty wines from bold Zinfandels to subtle Chardonnays – each boasting their own distinct character.

Bogle Vineyards, just minutes from Sacramento’ city center, is an exquisite winery known for producing top-quality vintages at incredible value. Their Petite Sirah and Old Vine Zinfandel wines should not be missed! For something a bit different try visiting Old Sugar Mill Wineries of Clarksburg which features 15 wineries housed within one historic structure.

Sacramento, the Caviar Capital

The city produces some of the world’s highest-grade caviar. The Sacramento and San Joaquin Delta offers ideal conditions for raising sturgeon, the fish whose eggs are used to make caviar. Sustainable aquafarms in Sacramento supply most of America’s caviar needs.

The Great California Caviar Rush - WSJ

Experience local luxury at The Firehouse Restaurant in Old Sacramento, where you can sample caviar in an impressive historic setting. Or head to Tsar Nicoulai Caviar Cafe at San Francisco’s Ferry Building for sustainably raised and locally produced options from their Estate line to their ultra-premium President’s Reserve ranges.

Offering something delicious for every palate – whether that means delicious farm-to-fork cuisine, tasting local wines or indulging in luxurious caviar! Whatever it may be, Sacramento’s food scene has something delicious waiting.

Where to Eat:

While the rich agricultural heritage makes it a paradise for food lovers, it’s the diversity of the city’s culinary scene that truly sets it apart. From upscale dining experiences to classic staples, vegetarian hotspots to global cuisine, the city has an array of choices to delight every taste.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen, an establishment by the Selland Family Restaurants, is more than just a place to eat – it’s a culinary experience. An evening here is akin to being invited into a chef’s personal kitchen, where every course is explained in detail, from its ingredients to its preparation. This interactive, open-kitchen concept means you can engage directly with the chefs and ask questions about your meal. Offering a seasonal and ever-changing menu, The Kitchen uses locally sourced, farm-fresh ingredients to create beautifully presented, imaginative dishes. The restaurant’s commitment to quality and its unique dining experience have earned it numerous accolades, including a coveted Michelin star.

The Kitchen Restaurant - Sacramento, CA | OpenTable

Frank Fat’s

Serving up Chinese-American dishes since 1939, Frank Fat’s is a Sacramento institution. The restaurant, which started as a place where politicians and power brokers could enjoy a good meal and make deals, has evolved into a James Beard Award-winning establishment. The menu is a blend of traditional Chinese cooking techniques and fresh Californian ingredients, with signature dishes like honey walnut prawns and Fat’s famous banana cream pie. The classic decor and warm hospitality at Frank Fat’s take diners on a nostalgic journey back in time.


Mother is a gem in Sacramento’s food scene, specializing in inventive, plant-based cuisine that is so flavorful, even the most dedicated carnivores find themselves coming back for more. The restaurant’s goal is to showcase the versatility and delicious potential of vegetables, which they accomplish beautifully in dishes like their bestselling chicken fried mushroom po’boy or their savory beet burger. Their rotating menu guarantees the freshest ingredients and an ever-changing array of flavors to explore.

Tower Café

Nestled next to the historic Tower Theatre, The Tower Café offers an eclectic, international menu that mirrors the diverse culture of Sacramento itself. Since its opening on Earth Day in 1990, the café has garnered a loyal following with its creative dishes, from French Toast Madagascar featuring house-made banana bread to the famous Singapore chicken salad. Their brunch is particularly popular, drawing locals and tourists alike with their unique offerings and global flavors.

Each of these dining spots showcases a unique facet of Sacramento’s food scene, promising not only a satisfying meal, but a culinary adventure you’ll not soon forget. When you visit Sacramento, prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable journey.

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