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Desert to Ice: Adventures That Push Limits


Going on a new journey with nothing but a lot of excitement (and a bit of nervousness) can be something everyone should experience once in their lifetime. That’s because it can calm your soul and give you memories that you can cherish for years. So, if you want to embark on a journey that promises new experiences, we are sharing the extreme climate adventures that will make you push your personal boundaries. So, are you ready?

Stay In Oymyakon, Russia

Russia isn’t a common destination for tourists, but if you seek adventure, there is no place better than this. That’s because there is one of the coldest settlements here. Oymyakon is a small town, which is inhabited due to extremely cold weather. Back in the day, around five-hundred people lived here and all of them were political exiles (yes, they were sent here as a punishment).

Throughout the year, the ground is frozen, and staying here for a long time can adversely impact your bodily functions, so be cautious. However, there is one hotel here and you can stay there while enjoying ice fishing, skiing, and ice hockey.

Namib Desert, Africa

We all know about the great Sahara and did you know that you can watch the desert’s part, the Namib Desert, connect with the Atlantic Ocean here? The desert touches the Atlantic Ocean from the west while the east side is the Red Sea. There are small houses here painted in yellow and red hues. The best part is the flat terrain, which paints a great image. Also, you can even check out the old stone monuments here!

Cerro Negro

While many people run away from the volcanos, this place is a go-to option for people who want to experience the thrill this active volcano offers. It is known as volcano boarding, which will give an instant adrenaline boost. This activity is a great option for people who don’t shy away from testing their limits. The volcano s pretty young and has a rough terrain, which makes it an exhilarating experience.

Truth be told, you shouldn’t go there if you have a weak heart because it’s for people who welcome challenges with open arms.

Perth, Australia

Perth is where the Australian Deserts meet the Indian Ocean. There are coastal towns that have the most mesmerizing limestone cliffs and stunning beaches. However, this entire stretch is known as a place where the desert meets the ocean. This is because the stretch has red rocks that keep standing tall in front of the Indian Ocean’s bright and blue waters.


We all know what Antarctica is famous for – the killing cold. This is the 5th biggest continent in the world and is known as the place of extremes. One to four thousand people are living here because of the extremely cold weather. The weather is dry, which is why people with ice-strengthened vessels come here. So, if you want to test your limits, this is your go-to place. Also, we recommend hiring a tour operator because you have to be safe while exploring this absolute wonderland.


Chile is another place where the ocean and desert meet each other. There are small ghost towns all across the place and the hills are so stunning, you won’t believe your eyes. There are pristine beaches that are the art of Mother Nature (the waves made these beaches, just imagine!). Overall, this place has a moon-like landscape.

So, if you want to enjoy the true essence of this place, we recommend visiting the Valley of the Moon that’s located in the Los Flamencos National Reserve. In fact, we recommend sleeping on the roof at night because the sky looks like a blanket of stars.

Lut Desert

While many people go to the chilly areas, surviving in the scorching heat isn’t easy either, and wouldn’t be wrong to call it an adventure either. So, the Dasht-e Lut is one of the extreme places to visit where the temperature can go over 158 degrees Fahrenheit. Truth be told, survival will be challenging here, so make sure you stay hydrated and know how to beat the scorching heat.

Mount Thor

Located in Nunavut, Canada, this mountain is known for its steep terrain. The vertical drop is 4,101ft and it has an angle of 105 degrees, so you have to be extremely careful. It might not be the tallest peak out there but you have to be an experienced climber to climb this mountain. However, you can also come here to camp here rather than challenge yourself to climb the steep mountain.

The Dead Sea

Everyone knows what a marvel of nature this sea is, which is located 1,380ft below sea level. It’s a perfect option, or people who want to check out the buoyant composition and witness the beauty of deserts. You can even get into the water and start floating because no one can get under the water (or sink). We have added this place to this list because The Dead Sea is constantly shrinking.

Climate change is the primary reason behind its shrinkage. Also, it’s connected to the Jordan River, which is slowing as well due to changes in the climate.

The Rose City

The official name is the City of Petra, but it’s famous as the Rose City. This is basically a huge archeological site, which was formed by carving out the buildings. In fact, this carving has created a rock front for the city. As far as the “rose” is concerned, the name’s called because the stone has a naturally red color.

However, this beautiful city is slowly dying because of erosion, and many experts say that saltwater damage is eating up this place.

The Maldives

We all have seen people going for summer vacations in the Maldives, but little do we know that this place is going to die soon, and you might even visit now. Maldives is popular for its glowing waters and white-sand beaches, and many people have named it tropical heaven.

However, due to climate change, the sea levels are constantly rising, and this place has a high chance of getting drowned. That’s because the islands in the Maldives are all 8ft higher from the sea level, and the rising levels mean Maldives will sink into the Indian Ocean pretty soon.

Patagonian Ice Fields

Located on the border of Argentina and Chile, Patagonian Ice Fields are one of the best places for people who like to be surrounded by ice and chilly weather. However, the issue is that these huge ice fields are melting. According to the researchers at Cornell University, the fields are diminishing 1.5x faster as compared to previous studies.

The Great Pyramids

As far as the climate adventures are concerned, it’s needless to say that the Great Pyramids are a go-to place if you want to experience the heat and history at once. These are mysterious pyramids that you can visit in Egypt. However, these pyramids are struggling with erosion, which means they will diminish very soon.

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