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7 Best Places To Visit In Ajman For Free For Everyone

Places to visit in Ajman for free - Silhouettes of thatched umbrellas on a peaceful beach at sunset.


Looking for places to visit in Ajman for free? There are too many to mention, but I’ll tell you only the best spots. Ajman, the smallest of the UAE’s seven emirates, is packed with beautiful beaches, historical sites, and natural wonders—all for free. You don’t need to break the bank to enjoy its charm.

In this guide, I’ll tell you the top free attractions in Ajman for 2024. Whether you’re a nature lover, a history enthusiast, or just looking to relax, there’s something for everyone. From the tranquil Ajman Beach to the lush Al Zorah Nature Reserve, I’ll share all the details you need to make the most of your visit.

1. Ajman Beach – Best for a Budget-Friendly Day in the Sun

Palm trees provide shade for lounge chairs on a pristine white sand beach in Ajman, free to visit.

Ajman Beach is a must-visit travel destination for anyone looking to enjoy the natural beauty of the UAE without spending a dime. It’s a public beach located along the Arabian Gulf, offering pristine white sand and clear blue waters.

If you’re driving from Dubai, it’s just about a 45-minute drive north along the E11 highway. There are plenty of parking spaces available nearby, making it hassle-free for visitors with their own vehicles. For those using public transport, several bus routes run close to the beach, with stops just a short walk away.

LocationAlong Corniche Road
5 km from the city center
Beach volleyball
Evening walks
Sunset views
AmenitiesChanging rooms
Parking facilities
Lifeguards on duty
Best Time to VisitEarly morning or late afternoon

What I love most about this spot is how well-maintained and family-friendly it is. You’ve got all the amenities you need for a comfortable day at the beach, from changing rooms and showers to ample parking and vigilant lifeguards on duty.

The Stunning Corniche

But the real star of the show is the Corniche – a beautifully landscaped promenade perfect for strolling, jogging, or cycling along the water’s edge. Trust me, the views of the cityscape and the glittering gulf at sunset are pure magic.

  • The beach is about 1.5 kilometers long, with clear, clean water and occasional community events.
  • Perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and beach sports.

2. Ajman Museum – Best for a Free History Lesson

The historic Al Murabaa Watchtower in Ajman, UAE, is a free cultural attraction to visit.

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the history and heritage of Ajman at the Ajman Museum. Housed in a beautifully restored 18th-century fort, this fascinating attraction offers a glimpse into the emirate’s past through its collection of artifacts and exhibits.

LocationSheikh Humaid bin Abdul Aziz Street
3 km from the city center
Opening HoursSaturday – Thursday
(8:00 AM – 8:00 PM)
(2:30 PM – 8:00 PM)
Estimated Visit Duration1-2 hours
Best Time to VisitMorning or early afternoon

Ruler’s Chamber and Majlis

As you wander through the various rooms and courtyards of the fort, you’ll encounter everything from ancient manuscripts and traditional weaponry to intricate pottery and pearl diving tools.

But for me, the real highlights are the ruler’s chamber and majlis, which offer a rare peek into the opulent lifestyle of Ajman’s former rulers.

Cultural Events and Workshops

And if you time your visit right, you might even catch one of the museum’s regular cultural events or workshops – a fantastic opportunity to learn about Emirati crafts, music, and traditions firsthand.

Best of all, entrance to the museum is free, so you can soak up all that history and culture without spending a dirham. Just be sure to set aside at least an hour or two to fully explore this treasure trove of Ajman’s past.

If you’re interested in going to other parts of the Middle East, you may read about our guide about the free places to visit in Abu Dhabi.

3. Al Zorah Nature Reserve – Best for a Free Nature Escape

Scenic view of the Al Zorah Nature Reserve in Ajman at sunset, a free natural area to discover.

Nature lovers, this one’s for you! The Al Zorah Nature Reserve is an oasis of biodiversity just waiting to be explored. With over a million square meters of mangrove forests, sandy beaches, and serene lagoons, it’s the perfect escape from the busyness of city life.

LocationAl Zorah
10 km from the city center
Flora and FaunaOver 58 species of birds
Mangrove forests
Sandy beaches
Best Time to VisitEarly morning or late afternoon

One of the coolest things about this place is the sheer variety of birds that call it home – we’re talking flamingos, herons, kingfishers, and so many more. Bring your binoculars and see how many species you can spot as you meander along the well-marked walking and cycling trails.

Adventures in Nature

Feeling adventurous? Rent a kayak or paddleboard and get up close and personal with the mangroves and their inhabitants. Or, if you prefer to stay on dry land, simply find a quiet spot to sit and soak up the tranquil surroundings.

While access to the reserve is free, rentals and activities like golfing at the nearby Al Zorah Golf Club are expensive. But trust me, spending even just a couple of hours wandering through this natural wonderland is an experience you won’t soon forget.

  • The reserve spans over 1 million square meters and offers well-marked trails for exploration.
  • It is home to a diverse array of flora and fauna, including over 58 species of birds.

4. Ajman Dhow Building Yard – Best for a Free Glimpse into Maritime History

Traditional wooden dhows docked in Ajman with the modern city in the background, free to see.

Ever wondered how those beautiful wooden dhows that ply the waters of the Persian Gulf are made? Then you won’t want to miss a visit to the Ajman Dhow Building Yard. Here, you can witness this ancient craft in action.

LocationNear Ajman Marina
2 km from the city center
Opening HoursSaturday to Thursday
8:00 AM – 1:00 PM
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Friday: Closed
Estimated Visit Duration30 minutes to 1 hour
Best Time to VisitMorning or late afternoon

As you stroll through the open-air yard, you’ll see skilled artisans at work, using traditional tools and techniques passed down through generations to transform raw timber into sleek and sturdy vessels. It’s a fascinating process to behold and one that speaks to the deep maritime heritage of the region.

Living Museum

But this isn’t just a place to watch craftsmen at work – it’s also a living museum of sorts, with exhibits and artifacts that tell the story of dhow building and its significance to Emirati culture. From scale models of famous dhows to displays of traditional tools and materials, there’s plenty to discover here.

And the best part? The dhow building yard is one of the top places to visit in Ajman for free. So whether you’re a history buff, a boating enthusiast, or just curious to learn more about this unique aspect of Ajman’s heritage, be sure to add the Dhow Building Yard to your Ajman travel itinerary.

  • Watch skilled craftsmen construct traditional dhows using age-old techniques.
  • Learn about the history and significance of dhows in Emirati culture.

5. Saleh Souq – Best for a Free Taste of Iranian Culture

Saleh Souq is one of the best places to visit in Ajman for free, offering vibrant local goods.

Craving a taste of authentic Iranian culture and cuisine? Look no further than Saleh Souq (also known as the Iranian Market), a vibrant open-air bazaar brimming with sights, sounds, and smells that will transport you straight to the streets of Tehran.

LocationNear Ajman Fish Market
5 km from the city center
Opening HoursSaturday to Thursday
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
4:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Best Time to VisitEvening

As you wander through the maze of stalls and shops, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a dazzling array of goods – from intricately woven carpets and colorful textiles to fragrant spices and handcrafted souvenirs. Don’t be afraid to haggle with the friendly vendors to score the best deals on your favorite finds!

Mouthwatering Delights

But for me, the real draw of Saleh Souq is the food. The market is home to a mouthwatering selection of Iranian eateries and food stalls, serving up everything from juicy kebabs and hearty stews to crispy falafel and sweet baklava.

And did I mention that browsing the souq is completely free? So go ahead and indulge your senses in this little slice of Iran, right in the heart of Ajman. Just be prepared to lose track of time as you go around all the treasures this market has to offer.

  • Shop for Iranian carpets, textiles, spices, and handicrafts.
  • Practice your haggling skills with friendly vendors.

6. Sheikh Zayed Mosque – Best for a Free Spiritual Experience

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Ajman, a blend of traditional and modern architecture, is free to visit.

No visit to Ajman would be complete without marveling at the breathtaking beauty of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Named in honor of the late founder of the UAE, this architectural gem is a testament to the grandeur and grace of Islamic design.

LocationAl Jurf area
6 km from the city center
Opening HoursDaily
9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Closed during prayer times
Best Time to VisitLate afternoon or evening

From the moment you lay eyes on the mosque’s gleaming white domes and towering minarets, you’ll be awestruck by its sheer size and splendor. But it’s not until you step inside that you truly appreciate the intricacy and artistry of every detail – from the stunning tilework and calligraphy to the glittering chandeliers and plush carpets.

Hub of Learning and Cultural Exchange

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is also a hub of learning and cultural exchange, with a well-stocked library and regular lectures and workshops on Islamic art, history, and traditions. It’s a wonderful opportunity to deepen your understanding and appreciation of the faith that shapes so much of Emirati society.

Of course, as with any mosque, it’s important to dress modestly (covering shoulders and knees) and remove your shoes before entering. Be mindful of prayer times and worshippers so as not to disrupt or disturb.

But don’t let those small considerations deter you from experiencing the awe-inspiring beauty and serenity of this incredible place of worship. Trust me, it’s a memory you’ll cherish long after you leave Ajman.

  • Admire the stunning blend of traditional Islamic and modern architecture.
  • Visit the on-site library and cultural center.

7. Masfout Castle – Best for a Free Adventure Off the Beaten Path

Masfout Castle offers free entry with panoramic views of Ajman's surrounding mountains and wadis.

Ready for a little adventure off the beaten path? Then hop in the car and head for the hills – the rugged Hajar Mountains, that is – to visit the ancient and atmospheric Masfout Castle.

110 km from Ajman city
1.5-hour drive
Opening Hours24 hours daily
Best Time to VisitEarly morning or late afternoon

Perched atop a rocky outcrop in the remote enclave of Masfout, this small but mighty fort has stood watch over the surrounding wadis and villages for over a century. And thanks to careful restoration work, it remains a well-preserved example of the region’s traditional mud-brick defensive architecture.

Stepping Back in Time

As you climb the winding steps to the top of the watchtower, you’ll be transported back in time to the days when this lonely outpost was a vital link in the chain of communication and control that stretched across the Trucial States. But the real reward for your efforts is the jaw-dropping panoramic view of the craggy mountains and deep wadis that unfold before you.

  • Take a look at the well-preserved mud-brick watchtower and living quarters.
  • Enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and wadis.

Nearby Places to Visit in Ajman for Free

Once you’ve had your fill of history and scenery at Masfout Castle, be sure to check out some of the other nearby attractions that make this remote corner of Ajman worth the drive:

  • Al Jazeera Park: A lush oasis in the heart of Masfout, perfect for a picnic or a leisurely stroll.
  • Five Pillars Hill: Don’t let the name fool you – there are no actual pillars here, but the views from the top of this rocky outcrop are spectacular.
  • Wadi Hiking: If you’re feeling adventurous, strike out on one of the many hiking trails that wind through the rugged terrain surrounding Masfout. Just be sure to come prepared with plenty of water, sturdy footwear, and sun protection.

Wrapping Up

Well, there you have it – seven incredible places to visit in Ajman for free in 2024. From sun-soaked beaches and historic museums to lush nature reserves and colorful souqs, this emirate truly offers something for every type of traveler.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your 2024 trip to Ajman today and get ready to discover all the incredible experiences this underrated emirate has to offer.

What is Ajman Famous for?

Ajman is famous for its beautiful beaches, rich history, and traditional dhow building. Ajman Beach is a highlight with its clear waters and soft white sand. The Ajman Museum, lodged in the 18th-century fort, showcases artifacts and exhibits about the emirate’s history. Additionally, the Ajman Dhow Building Yard is well-known for its traditional boat-making skills, a significant part of Emirati culture​.

Is Ajman Cheaper than Dubai?

Yes, Ajman is definitely cheaper than Dubai. The cost of living in Ajman is about 20-30% lower. Rent is significantly less expensive, often three times cheaper than in Dubai. Dining out and groceries are also more affordable, making Ajman a great budget-friendly travel option​.

Is Ajman Worth Visiting?

Absolutely, Ajman is worth visiting. It has beautiful beaches like Ajman Beach, cultural sites like the Ajman Museum, and natural attractions like the Al Zorah Nature Reserve. Ajman offers a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere compared to the hustle and bustle of Dubai, making it perfect for exploring the traditional side of the UAE while enjoying a quieter, more affordable stay.

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