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6 Thrilling Ideas for a Peru Adventure


One of the most popular destinations for adventure-goers lies in the western portion of South America – Peru. With a bounty of outdoor experiences ranging from hiking through the breathtaking Rainbow Mountains to climbing some of the most breathtaking mountains, this country offers plentiful opportunities for those who prefer to seek heart-pumping activities. Those who visit Peru for these nature excursions are left with memorable trips and insight into the country’s unique culture.

Uncover six top options for a Peru adventure, allowing you to properly plan for your next excursion to South America.

Trek the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Perhaps one of the most famous activities when visiting Peru is to visit Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incans, which remained so well hidden from outsiders that it was able to avoid invasion. Those interested in viewing the Machu Picchu citadel in person can hike through the Andean Mountain passes and jungle for four days to reach the storied ruins. During an excursion to Machu Picchu, you can enjoy views of various landscapes, including lush cloud forestry and gorgeous mountain scenes.

A permit is required for this Peru adventure, as only a limited number of hikers can trek on the route per day.

Horseback Riding in Sacred Valley

Situated near Machu Picchu is the breathtaking Sacred Valley, also known as Urubamba Valley. This particular valley spans about 37 miles and a relatively steep elevation climb from the valley floor to the summits. Exploring Sacred Valley via the native Peruvian Paso horse provides a unique experience for visitors. Multiple tour company trips are available, from half to full days.

Additional activities are available in Sacred Valley that will satisfy those in search of a Peru adventure, including zip lining through the valley, hiking, and viewing ancient ruins.

Go White Water Rafting on the Urubamba River

Visitors who prefer their adventures on the water will enjoy river rafting on the Urubamba River, which offers opportunities for rafters of all skill levels. Rafting group tours range from a day to multiple days, with the option to explore the area for over a week if desired. White water rafting on the Urubamba River provides access to nearby locations such as Tambopata National Reserve and Lake Titicaca.

Explore the Amazon Rainforest by Boat

Another water-related Peru adventure consists of riding a boat through the Amazon rainforest along the “real” Amazon River. This activity offers an interesting and unique view of Iquitos, one of the biggest cities globally that does not have road access.

Within this region exists the Yagua tribe, an indigenous tribe consisting of about 6,000 people spread across the Amazon region. This event provides access to the Yagua tribe’s culture, which remains intact through the adornment of traditional tribal wear, the usage of blow darts during hunting, traditional festivals, dance, and more. Visitors are able to take a piece of Yagua culture home by purchasing wood carvings, masks, dolls, jewelry, and other goods made by tribe members.

View the Wildlife in Colca Canyon

Just a few hours’ distance from Arequipa lies the Colca Canyon, a majestic natural wonder which has a deeper canyon floor than the Grand Canyon. This canyon is home to one of the most magical animals in Peru – the condor bird. Via Peru tours and with the help of a tour operator, one can delve into the various wildlife the canyon has to offer. With a tour, visitors can get to know people from the local communities as they travel from location to location with animals such as sheep and alpacas. The best way to visit Colca Canyon is via hiking the route from Cabanaconde to the canyon floor, which lasts a few days. However, shorter treks are available for beginner hikers as well.

Climb the Snow-Capped Mountains in Huascarán National Park

Those interested in taking their Peru adventure to the next level can partake in ice climbing up any of the snow-capped mountains in the Huascarán National Park. Alpamayo, known as the “most beautiful mountain in the world,” is a top choice for thrill-seekers. This mountain is situated in the Peruvian Andes and offers climbers a challenging route with 1,200 feet of ice on the Southwest face of the mountain.

Because of the challenging nature of this route, it’s necessary to have prior mountaineering experience. It’s recommended that you explore the mountain via one of the available Peru adventure tours while visiting Peru for the safest excursion.

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